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Used Sheetmetal/Pipe/Tube Bending, Shaping, Punching, Ironworkers Categories
Brakes: Manual Hand (7) Brakes Press: Hydraulic (18)
Brakes Press: Mechanical (8) Shears: Sheet Metal (11)
Benders & Swagers: Pipe and Tube (6) Cut Off Line: Plat, Sheet, Tube and End Forming (1)
Forming & Shaping: Shrinker, Stretchers, English Wheels and Power Hammers (1) Hole Punches: Single,Turret and CNC (17)
Ironworkers: Notching and Nibblers (5) Joining: Riveters, Crimping, Beading and Flanging (7)
Multi-Slide: Forming Machines (3) Plate & Bending Rolls: Initial Pinch/Plate (7)
Roll Formers: Angle/Profile Bending Rolls (13) Slip Rolls: Manual & Mechanicaly Operated (2)
Misc. Sheetmetal Equip. (2)
Additional Shears located in Power Squaring Shear (Mechanical) and Power Squaring Shear (Hydraulic) categories of Power Squaring Plate Shears Section.