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Industrial Services

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1 General Machining Airtech Incorporated New Jersey Rutherford
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Custom Engineering Solutions: Airtech Vacuum is a full line manufacturer of regenerative blowers and a wide range of vacuum and pressure technologies including liquid ring vacuum pumps, DC variable speed blowers, vacuum pump blowers and oil-free vacuum pumps. Airtech provides products and services throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Our pumps and blowers are utilized for most applications in many industries where vacuum and/or pressure systems are required. Contact us today at 877- 790-8770 to learn more about our vacuum pumps and blowers.

Power Squaring Plate Shears

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Ad # 16038
Ad # 16038 Power Squaring Shear (Mechanical)
Year = 1964? Capacity = 10ft x 1/4" open ended
Make = Cincinatti State = North Carolina
Model = 1810 Condition = Good
  Price = 9995.00
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